What is LizzyGrip: LizzyGrip is a 2” x 3” foam pad that uses a nano suction technology to hold
objects such as cell phones on flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces to enable hands free use.
Superior Features: LizzyGrip’s releasable adhesive side attaches the pad securely to the back of the
cell phone and the nano suction side helps attach the device to flat surfaces.
How it Works: One side of the LizzyGrip pad has Liquiguard’s releasable GripCote-HiTac adhesive
that allows the pad to create a strong bond with the back of the device. The opposite side of the
pad is made up of millions of microscopic suction cups that allows the device to be firmly held onto
a flat, smooth, non-porous vertical or horizontal surface. After use the device is firmly pulled off the
surface it was attached to. The pad can be left on the device or peeled off and put away for future
use. Make sure to put the original paper or plastic cover back on the adhesive side.
Where can it be Applied: LizzyGrip can be used on cell phones for hands free use. With the help of
additional LizzyGrip pads larger devices such as tablets can also be attached to vertical surfaces.


Physical Properties: 2” x 3” black foam pad with a white release paper on the release coating side
and a clear lm on the nano suction side.
Preparation: Wipe the back of the device with the provided alcohol wipe before attaching LizzyGrip.
Also make sure that the surface the device is being held to is clean and free of oil and grease.
Application: For hands free use of small electronic devices such as cell phones and light tablets.
Limitations & Safety: User is responsible for ensuring that LizzyGrip pad is suitable for the designated
use. Any damage or other harm resulting from its use is the sole responsibility of the user.