NOMOPRINTS is a unique coating formulation dsigned to provide hydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (oil repellant) properties to the glass screens of touch screen devices. “Oleophobic” is a word used to describe a type of material which lacks an affinity for oil, ergo it keeps fingerprint spots at bay on glass panels. While the oleophobic aspect of nomoprints prints provides finger smudge resistance to the display on phone and other devices, it is not offered as a fingerprint proof coating.

NOMOPRINTS resists the body oils transferred through touch and prevents the oil from firmly adhering to the glass surface. Thus the prints and smudges are easily cleaned by wiping on any soft and absorbent material without the need of a cleaning solution. The display is restored to a practically like-new appearance. nomoprints has a slightly slippery feel to it, which makes the treated screen feel slick to the touch. This slick feel has the added benefit of providing reduced friction properties to the glass, as this will cause objects that come in contact with the surface to slide off without marring the surface.


Additional Specifications (PDF)

Will Protect 5+ Phones,  Introductory Price of  $11.95 per Kit Regular price $14.95, Free Shipping.